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Szabó András beszámolója a bölcsész-művész csoport második alkalmáról...

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Rácz Zoltán előadása

Rácz Zoltán előadásában a filmezés történetét mutatta be, és annak technológiai és módszertani fejlődését vázolta fel élvezetes stílusban. Az interaktív foglalkozás alatt, az előadó – aki egyébként Galga TV egyik alapító tagja és szerkesztője – különböző, a filmezés történeti fejlődése során keletkezett filmes eszközt mutatott be a kollégium közösségének. Ezeket az eszközöket kézbe is vehették a hallgatók, sokkal intenzívebb élményt nyújtva ezzel nekik. Az előadás során film-, híradó- és reklámjeleneteket láthattunk például a 30-as, 40-es, 50-es, 60-as, 80-as és a 90-es évekből. Ezeknek a technikai hátterén túl politikai vonatkozásban is ismertette a rendkívül érdekes TV-jeleneteket. Az előadás sikerét jelzi, hogy jóval túlhaladta a másfél órát, de végig nagy érdeklődéssel hallgatták a kollégisták. Külön érdekesség, hogy Rácz Zoltán inspirálni próbálta a közönséget, hogy mi magunk is csináljunk amatőr, vagy fél-profi filmeket. Az előadást azzal kezdte és fejezte be, hogy a technikai fejlődésnek köszönhetően, ma sokkal nagyobb lehetősége van bárkinek betörni a filmpiacra.
Összességében egy elgondolkodtató, kellemes stílusban előadott, alapvetően új ismeretekkel gazdagító két órán vehetett részt a kollégium diáksága.

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More recently, Longoria dedicated her time to the Obama re-election campaign. "I am so excited to be on this stage because the last time I was on this stage it was during the inauguration when we were celebrating the re-election of our president," she noted. "The Latino vote will forever be important to any future president, thanks to this past election," she said.

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It also marks another international deal for its chairman, Sir Nigel Rudd, who has earned the sobriquet of "the man who sold Britain" in the tabloids after presiding over a series of foreign takeovers ranging from Pilkington Glass to Boots.

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The TAP establishes a new geographic reality by directly linking Azerbaijan, Georgia and potentially the entire Caspian region to Southern Europe. This is particularly good news for Greece â?? not only does it demonstrate the Shah Deniz Consortiumâ??s confidence in that countryâ??s future, it will also bring Greece jobs and much-needed infrastructure improvements.

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Germans protesting Soviet theft of German art certainly is the pot calling the kettle black. The Third Reich’s Goering was the biggest art thief (not to mention the most obese). Finally, the shoe is on the other foot.

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Hayes, 32, and his brother were walking on a bridge raised above four lanes outside the stadium, connecting a street to Candlestick Park, said San Francisco police spokesman Gordon Shyy. Off-duty medics and police officers gave the man first aid until an ambulance arrived, but he was declared dead from his injuries, Shyy said.

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The rules of the house forbid the women from having sex during the pregnancy, and emphasise that neither the doctor nor the hospital, nor the couple whose baby it is, are responsible for any complications.

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Lines of voters snaked around a school in Harare, where polling booths opened just after the scheduled time of 7 a.m. (0500 GMT) Wednesday. Many were dressed in heavy coats, scarves and woolen headgear to ward off the winter chill. Some had flasks of hot drinks.

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Fighting has intensified in eastern and southern parts of Afghanistan in recent months, especially since the mid-June handover of security responsibilities from the U.S.-led international military coalition to the Afghan national security forces. The Taliban have been fighting to regain ground they lost in the past three years to foreign forces, and violence is expected to spike again after the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

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This is the second part of Help to Buy. The first part, which launched in April 2013, was an extension of existing schemes that sees the government offer first time buyers and equity loan with an interest-free period for up to 20% of a new-build property's value.

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"The antiterrorist legislation has been used in a way that discriminates against the Mapuche. It has been applied in a confusing and arbitrary way, which has turned into a real injustice that has impaired the right to a fair trial. And it has been perceived as stigmatising and delegitimizing of the Mapuche territorial demands and protests," Emmerson said.

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JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs, which bought LME warehouses in2010, "have created a bottleneck which limits the supply ofaluminum," Tim Weiner, global risk manager for the brewer, thecombined U.S. operations of Molson Coors and SABMiller, told the U.S. Senate banking committee.

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Florida neighborhood watchman Zimmerman, 29 and part Hispanic, was acquitted of murdering 17-year-old African-American Trayvon Martin in a case that has roused intense feelings on gun control and race in the United States.

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With the exception of a small elite of skilled trades, there was nothing inherently high-wage about factory jobs. The work was semi-skilled, repetitive and mostly soul-killing. The jobs were â??goodâ? only because they paid decently — thanks to the efforts of unions and government policy.

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Qian said the Great Recession of the late 2000s can account for many of the changes - across the board, regardless of race, young people born in the United States have delayed getting married, moved back in with their parents, and those who do marry get divorced at a higher rate.

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During the siege, Kenyan authorities said there were 10 to 15 attackers. But Western officials who have seen hours of CCTV footage claim there are only four terrorists visible, all men. Nor, GlobalPost was told by one Western diplomat, does the footage contain any indication of hostage taking or torture.

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He intended to kill Jews and Americans. My wife, Jamie, and I were both; far from home, newly married, living in Jerusalem. Jamie was taking a Hebrew language class at the university. On the afternoon of July 31, 2002 she and her friend Marla decided to do some final revision for a pivotal exam over a hot meal. They failed to notice the abandoned backpack on the table next to them. After eating, Jamie bent over, reached for her workbook on the floor, her head shielded below the table’s flat, Formica surface and, when the bomb exploded, she was thrown against the floor. Her clothes and skin were scorched. Her body punctured by shards of metal.

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Also established in this bill are standard hours of operation among early voting sites. Sites are required to stay open for 10 days and must provide a consistent number of hours among all locations. This provision will provide consistency among various voting sites, providing ample time for citizens to exercise their democratic right to vote. In fact, the bill provides the same number of early voting hours as the current system.

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The Rev Toby Wright said the changes were responsible for an increase in the numbers attending church. Over the past four years the Sunday congregation at St Mary’s Church has more than doubled from around 60 to 130 regular members.

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On Tourre's witness list, meanwhile, is Paulson, who with a net worth of $11.2 billion ranked No. 91 on Forbes' list of richest people in the world. A lawyer for Paulson did not respond to a request for comment.

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